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Lower School Book Factor: Recommended Reads

Tim & Thomas, Y3 – The Treehouse Series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

“These books are funny and adventurous. Terry is the funniest but these books are the diary of them both. There are lots of different inventions, Marshmallows, and a robot fighting arena!”

Lucia, Y4 – I, Cosmo by Charlie Sororok

“If you like dogs or animals you’ll like this book. Cosmo is a dog and he lives with a boy called Max – he and Cosmo are best friends. Cosmo does things like eat the Thanksgiving turkey so they have to eat pizza instead! I loved this book because it’s kind of sad in places but also sometimes quite funny.”

Poppy, Y3 – The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton

“This book is very adventurous. It has loads of different people and even owls. There is a ladder that leads to different lands like funny lands, scary lands and lots of others. The book is about three best friends – Moonface, Saucepan Man and Silkie. My favourite character is Silkie because she’s kind.”

Roxy, Y3 – Girl, Undercover by Christine Harris.

“I like this book because it’s about secrets and mysterious things. It is a little bit funny too – the main character has an assistant who’s quite silly.”

Fred, Y3 – mystery book!

“My favourite book is about a dog who gets kidnapped by four children to help find their friend. There is a slime monster in the story who is trying to catch them. I like this book because it’s a mission book, because I like mysteries, and because they make friends.”

Emily, Y4 – Big Ideas for Curious Minds: A Curious Young Person’s Introduction top Philosophy by The School of Life

“This book teaches you about lots of big ideas. For example, it explains why we procrastinate and shows you why. Every section has an introduction to a philosopher from a long, long time ago. I really like that this book has some pages you can fill in yourself.”

Iris, Y5 – Anna At War by Helen Peters

“This book is based on some facts but it’s also a story. It follows a girl who escapes from Germany on the Kindertransport in WWII. She moves to Britain but because she is German, the other pupils in her new school think she’s a spy! Anna has a secret- she finds an actual German spy (he swears in German when he hurts himself). Anna starts working for the Secret Service in exchange for extra eggs, which were rationed, but nobody suspects her because she is a child. I liked this book because it gives you a choice of how you think about the people in the book, like Molly.”

Katy, Y5 – Freddie’s Shadow Cards (Descendants) by Jessica Brody

“The characters in this book are from a film I really love! Freddie is the daughter of a villain (Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog). She has to live on an island with the other children of villains. She has some mysterious shadow cards which can tell the future and the past. I like this book because it’s very descriptive, adventurous and there is always something interesting happening.”

Isla, Y5 – The Borrowers by Mary Norton

When you read this book it talks about little people living in the floorboards. Arrietty, one of the main characters, is my favourite because she’s full of adventure! I love this book because it always has some adventure happening like when the Borrowers find an egg, which seems huge to them!”

Ella, Y5 – Tom Gates: Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans – Liz Pichon

“I picked this book because if it’s your own copy, not the library’s, there are sections where you can doodle in it. It’s very child-friendly; even though there’s not much plot in places there is some in others.”

Caden, Y5 – Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

“This is one of my favourite books and it’s very interesting all the way through – there are barely any boring parts even though it has thousands of mini-plots! It’s about a girl called Lyra who lives in a college at Oxford University. She has a creature called Pan who is connected to her – if he goes more than 10 feet away from her she’ll die. The book also has armoured bears including one called Iorek who helps Lyra in her journey to the Far North. I love how it’s all put together – it has lots of secrets and it’s like 100 different stories together.”

Marley, Y5 – Ghosts by Raina Telegemeir

“This book is a graphic novel about a girl called Maya who has no friends because she’s very poorly. She goes to visit her Grandma in Mexico. The other girl in the book, her sister Cat, can do as much as she wants but she doesn’t listen to her sister. It is also about the Day of the Dead, a festival in Mexico.”

Rohan, Y5 – How To Look For A Lost Dog by Ann M. Martin

“My favourite part of this book is at the very back where you can look up the numbers just like the main character does – it’s fun to do! The book is about a girl called Rose who is very lonely. Her mum has died and her father drinks a lot and doesn’t care for her very well. Rain is Rose’s dog and the only connection she has, apart from her uncle who is kind. It’s a very good book. I think people should read it because if you were like Rose and didn’t have much connection it would let you know how to feel.”

Neve, Y5 – Lord by Neve!

“In this book a girl, who is very poor, goes to her library but she’s read all the books there already. One day she finds a new section the librarian tells her about and inside she finds an ancient book. She opens the book up and vines grow out from the middle that pull her into the book! Inside the book she meets a lady called Athena who shows her some magical mirrors. The frames show her different futures and she can leap in and out of the frames.”