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Science Week at Grimsdell

What an exciting week the children have had. Science week started off with Professor Pea and Professor Nut appearing in the whole school assembly. The children were fascinated when the Professors made large volumes of elephant toothpaste. What an exciting introduction to Science week!

During Science week, Year 2 ventured off to the Mill Hill physics labs where they made mini moving bugs. The children had to follow written instructions to make a circuit to make their bugs move. Year 1 had fun blasting rockets with the older Belmont students. The sublime workshop was a great success the children had hands-on experience, such as the blower experiment demonstrating how one form of energy can turn into another. The arizooka smoke ring helped the children visualise pressure waves as the smoke rings emerged through the air. If this wasn’t enough the children got to make theirs on sherbert allowing them to understand the importance of mixing chemicals accurately for an experiment to be successful and finally, the children were well excited by making their own slime and taking it home. What a busy fun and exciting Science week Grimsdell have had.