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This week in Nursery…

The children have loved being scientists this week in Nursery. We have fully embraced science week with the children having great fun playing in our science role play, exploring and investigating lots of different things. We made potions with flowers, made bubble mixture and very big bubbles and experiments with flowers and food colouring.

We started the week off with a lovely visit to Mill Hill School to see the ducks and chicks they are looking after. The children listened beautifully to the teachers and most of them had a little hold or a stroke.

The children learnt their new sound ‘m’ this week and decorated this with different types of maps. We also had lots of fun playing with marbles, money and making our own medals.

The children heard a story on Wednesday all about Discovery Dog and his friend Nora. We needed to help the Discovery dog by exploring materials and finding out which material was the best for soaking up water. The children worked out that tissue paper and sponges were much better than silver foil and cellophane.

Today we had a lovely Forest School session. The children made their own magic wands and were turning everyone into frogs. When exploring the forest the children found a fairy door however, they didn’t find any fairies today, fingers crossed they might next week. The children have loved learning some new forest school songs such as ‘The Forest School Song’ and ‘Tiny Tim the Turtle’.