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This week in Year 2…

A very special thank you to our fabulous mystery readers in Year 2. It has been wonderful to see the parent’s excitement and enthusiasm for coming into class and read. The children have thoroughly enjoyed each story. Another thank you for your support and help with getting your children dressed up for World Book Day on Thursday. It was an incredibly memorable day and the children all looked amazing!

This week’s newsletter is written by a few children about our face time chat with Borneo Bob who works as a guide for an orang-utan sanctuary. Mrs Ticehurst knows Bob from her own visit to Borneo to see orang-utans and she arranged for us to chat to him.

“Borneo Bob told us about orang-utans and we told him facts too. Loads of people were asking Bob questions about Orang-utans. They can live on their own when they are 10-12 years old.” Tobi O

“We talked to Borneo Bob about the orang-utans and he said that you can’t trust them because they are ten times stronger than us.” Isabelle

“We were listening to Bob’s information about orang-utans. He was good at explaining everything. We learned a lot from Bob’s information. I enjoyed talking to Bob as he was a tour guide. After some questions, we said bye-bye to Bob.” Sienna D