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This week in Year 2…

Well, we had a brilliant Book Week and we have added some class pictures so you can see the book characters we dressed up as last week. Thank you to all the parents for their incredible support with costumes!

So this week we put on our Science hats! Mrs Patel had a wonderful selection of activities planned for us, from a bee talk with an expert to make our own insect robots! We were invited to the Physics labs at Mill Hill School and we had to carefully read step by step instructions to make our own robot. What a fantastic challenge for us all and our resilience was tested! We had to learn quickly about the electricity and batteries but also how to complete the circuit to make our robot insect move. There were frowns, laughter, and confusion but there was also lots of teamwork. The children persisted and with some help from the superb staff and pupils at Mill Hill School, we all walked back to Grimsdell with our very own robot insect. Great effort everyone – ten out of ten best effort!