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World Book Day

Last week the English Department led the School’s celebration of World Book Day.  Taking this year’s theme – sharing a story – members of English Society along with Mrs Kaplan, Ms Berry and Ms Conlon spoke passionately in Chapel about stories and their power to connect, sharing books that had touched their lives with their power and insight.

Teachers from across the School also nominated books of significance from their youth, forming the basis of a display and a World Book Day treasure hunt:  the chosen titles, ranging from classics like The Go-Between and Little Women, to more contemporary sections such as The Book Thief and Just Listen, were wrapped and hidden for eagle-eyed pupils to find, each book with a dedication from the teacher who had chosen it.

Finally, the School’s new creative writing publication – Quill – was launched at English Society on Friday lunchtime. At this packed event, Quill editor, Ms Conlon, told the group: Quill is a platform for the expression of art in all its forms. Inside the anthology you will find poetry, flash fiction, painting, drawing, book reviews, inspirational proverbs, monologues, and even more. When I was at school, no one told me I could be a writer, or a poet, or an artist. Well I am telling you now: you are all writers, and artists, and poets. You are storytellers. Over thirty writers and artists contributed to the first edition, which could not capture the aspiration of connecting through art and writing any more beautifully.