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Year 3 Trip to the Roald Dahl Museum

On Friday 6th March Year 3 visited the Bucks County Museum. The purpose of the trip was to immerse the children in all things ‘Roald Dahl’ and to support and engage the year group in their spring learning journey in English.

The children had a fantastic time exploring the exhibits inspired by Roald Dahl’s stories. Children investigated minibeasts through a microscope inside a Giant peach, explored sound with the BFG and his huge ears, crawled along Fantastic Mr Fox’s tunnel, discovered inventions by Willy Wonka, took a ride inside his Glass Elevator as well as being shrunk by Willy Wonka’s shrinking invention and being transported by his chocolate television.

Children also learnt about the inspiration behind Roald Dahl’s book ‘Danny the Champion of the World’ and used their creative skills to decorate a mini treasure chest in the style of a caravan which inspired the story.

“I loved exploring the Matilda room and seeing Miss Trunchbull’s Chokey – I’m glad Mr Roberts does not have a chokey.” – Ava Ferguson- Whyte.

“I found it really funny when Alexander was playing Augutus Gloop and got stuck up the pipe.” – Evie Abramovich.

“My favourite part was when we decorated the Danny the Champion of the World Caravans as I really like the idea of collecting memories to keep.” Taylan Fahri.

“I thought the Mike TV screen that made you jump into the screen just like Mike TV was super clever! Is that how the real TV works? It would be fun if it was!” Noah Moross.

“It was very interesting when the lady showed us the BFG’s trumpet and Mrs Twit’s glass eyeball.” – France Orme.

“When I crawled into Mr Fox’s tunnel, I felt extremely excited!” – Sasha Patel.

“I really enjoyed the illusion room, I liked turning myself into  an 8 headed Rehaan using a special mirror.” – Rehaan Banerjee.

“I loved exploring Matilda’s room and dressing up. I also really enjoyed designing my own treasure chest.” – Aelith Nash

Children returned to school inspired and ready to take on their Roald Dahl topic in English.

Miss Chrisostomou, Lower School Tutor