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Year 8 Les Miserables

Last week saw the culmination of months of work in our performances of Les Misérables. To say I was incredibly proud of the cast and crew is an understatement; they were awesome. To have attempted Les Misérables in the first place was a mighty challenge. The score is complex and it is musically very demanding. It is a wonderful story but it demands maturity and a high level of emotional understanding. For the Year 8s to have carried this off so successfully is a credit to their talent, their tenacity, and their hard work. Everyone loves the big songs in Les Misérables, but it is the bits in between that are so challenging and I cannot praise the cast enough for their timing and their skill. The pupils knew they had a story to tell and wanted to tell it with feeling and to seize the imaginations of the audience in a way that only this musical can. We worked really hard on capturing moments, charging the theatre with emotion and singing from the heart. Les Misérables is an important story of faith, hope, and love. I am so very proud to say that the Year 8 cast did it justice. It would be unfair to pick out names but also unfair not to mention Jake as Jean Valjean, who delivered the most stunning performance and Sarachi as Javert who was outstanding. But quite frankly, everyone was.

We had a wonderful set, wonderful costumes, and wonderful musical direction. We are very fortunate. The Year 8 show is always a highlight of the school year. More than ever this year, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be working with such a fantastic group of children. Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this happen.

Libby Russo, Head of Drama