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At Belmont this week…

It has been another busy week of remote learning, below are some highlights of the week. We wish pupils, staff and parents a restful Easter break!

  • Delicious baking and Forest School creations from last weekend! Such fun activities!

  • Science Experiment using a parachute and egg, to demonstrate gravity and air resistance

  • Olivia in Y8 wanted to give the NHS a big ‘thank you’ and created a lovely poster!

  • Well done to Maxi in Year 3 for making such a great effort with his Wellbeing Bingo, only a few more to achieve! Great work!

  • Katy in Year 5 wrote a lovely heart warming poem about the NHS and sister Lexie also wanted to thank the NHS for everything they are doing!

  • A selection of beautiful rainbows created by our pupils this week. Rainbow pictures are a message of support for key workers but also hope for a better future for us all. With children across the country placing rainbows in their windows it is fantastic to see people spreading positivity through art. ‘I have really enjoyed seeing how the pupils across the age groups have interpreted this week’s art task. They have used a variety of techniques and textures; paints, pipe cleaners, materials, colouring pens and pencils’ Mr McNulty.

  • Our Year 3’s have created some fantastic work this week! Tobi produced excellent online symmetry work and Aimee and Lily have been working very hard on making a river as part of their CLP project!

  • Miss Bufton and Mrs Hunt FaceTiming to discuss the books they are reading! Take up the challenge and connect with your friends to tell them about a book you love! Olivia, Elliot and Amelie have taken up the challenge!