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Good Neighbours: Good Friends

Having gone from avoiding handshakes, to keeping a metre apart, to doubling that distance and now to locking ourselves within the relatively safe bubble of our homes, we are doing all that we can as a school to remain in touch with each other and with our neighbours – especially the elderly.

In PHSE we asked pupils each to write a letter which we intend to distribute to the elderly in the neighbourhood of the School. This community action project encourages our pupils to reach out to those who may welcome receipt of an ‘old fashioned’ letter, perhaps accompanied by a piece of poetry or prose, to uplift their spirits and to show that we are thinking of them.

In the words of one of our Fourth Form pupils (Year 9);
“Hello reader, I live in Mill Hill and I absolutely love the community here; it is filled with friendly and cheery people who all contribute. Although lately we have been experiencing some hardships through this virus that has swept the world, we should not worry because we will care for each other until it’s over. As Coretta Scott King, American author, activist, civil rights leader and wife of Martin Luther King, once said: ‘the greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.’  Always be optimistic; soon everything will go back to normal and we will not have to worry about a thing. We will overcome this with the power of our community.”

One further sentiment expressed in another letter strikes a philosophical note, “The world needs more love and attention – maybe this is the trigger we need to make a fresh start.”

We hope that these many letters will be well-received, and that this may be the start of a new way of engaging with those who live nearby, going back to pen and paper.

Mrs Dickin
Head of PSHE