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Healthy Bodies: Healthy Minds

As the School moved into virtual mode towards the end of last term, and as we now adapt to the Easter break lock-down style, our provision of a fun and challenging fitness programme is more important than ever. As a school rightly praised for its sports provision, where the principle of ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ is genuinely celebrated, we have found ourselves well-resourced in laying on a wide and imaginative range of sport and fitness activities delivered remotely.

The Mill Hill Senior Instagram account has been buzzing with clips and comments which reflect this, and our dedicated Keep Active website for staff and pupils has offered plenty to keep us on our toes and in great shape, as well as keeping our spirits up in challenging times:

  • Workout Videos focusing on different types of fitness and areas of the body
  • Quick Workouts of the Day (WODs), with pupils recording (and staff monitoring) their results
  • Sporting Challenges – fun and engaging sports skills challenges
  • Yoga and Relaxation – videos and app, helping staff and pupils to unwind and flex
  • Athletic Development – an app providing pupils with coaching, feedback and analysis (Hudl)
  • Live Keep Active classes – weekly sessions of 2×30 minutes with instant feedback for pupils
  • Sports Scholars’ Programme – coaching, mentoring and regular feedback plus virtual ‘meets’

Far from allowing our current circumstances to cramp our sporting style or to compromise our fitness levels, the Mill Hill community, led by the Sports Department, is, appropriately enough, jumping at this opportunity. Also used in its Latin original, mens sana in corpore sano, the motto I opened with is defined by Wiki as follows: ‘widely used in sporting and educational contexts to express the theory that physical exercise is an essential part of mental and psychological wellbeing’. Please click here to join us.

Mr Aaron Liffchak
Director of Sport and Director of Rugby