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Community Spirit

During the academic year, our international pupils show their community spirit and take an active part in serving in the local Mill Hill community. Whether it’s litter picking in the School surrounds, visiting the elderly in a local care home or helping younger children learn to read, their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Their commitment and collaboration have been appreciated by both staff and community members that they have selflessly helped in many ways.

Sometimes in life we underestimate how much the small things we do can mean to others. Miss Moustafa learnt recently through a conversation with an elderly lady who attended the Age UK Digital Learning Scheme that she had very sadly lost her son and husband and that the interaction that she had with our pupils had really helped build her confidence again.

Not only does community service help others but it gives our pupils the opportunity to learn new skills and experience new things too. During the Easter holidays we asked them to reflect on the service they had done and tell us a little bit about what the experience had meant to them. Here is a snapshot of what they had to say:

‘From my community service I learnt how to find a common language with all different types of people. I learnt to listen and to explain’

‘I developed skills of communication’

‘I helped people with things which for me were simple but for them were hard. You feel good because you are helping people who might not have had the same opportunities as you.’

‘I learnt that with a little help and patience anybody can learn a new skill. It reinforced to me that a smile and a chat to people goes a long way and can brighten someone’s life without us even knowing at the time.’

‘Community Service helped me give something back to the community and helped me develop skills that I don’t necessarily learn at School. It broadened my experience and life skills.’

During the unprecedented times that we are currently living through, community spirit and service have never been more important. Those members of the community who we helped before will need our help more than ever again and we are sure that when School resumes our dedicated pupils will rise once again to the challenge.