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Lockdown Art Project

Over the last few weeks, our pupils have been set a very interesting Lockdown Art project by Mr Vindbjerg. The project asked our pupils to draw their experiences of COVID-19 and the effect it has had on them. As the majority of our pupils are international, they returned to their home countries on, or before, 20 March. The responses focussed mainly on what it feels like to be stuck in Lockdown which has, in effect, brought life as we know it to a halt. In some cases, before our pupils could return to their family homes, they had to first go into a period of quarantine on returning to their home country. These experiences have also been documented. Let’s take a look:

Cristina drew a picture of a very full fridge. Here is what she had to say about it: “The picture shows one of the most common sights that I have seen through lockdown. Before this all started my parents would buy enough food for just one week. However, in order to reduce time spent at the supermarket, they buy enough stuff to satisfy us for two weeks. Every time that I see that the fridge is full I feel secure and safe and know that we are not going to run out of food and it gives me hope that everything will get better.”Lockdown Art Project

Lisbet, Veronika and Akiho found time to get closer to family members by drawing them. Below is Lisbet’s work:

Lockdown Art Project

Madalina has drawn the methods by which she escapes anxiety; through watching films online and eating. “In lockdown, people are not allowed to go anywhere so the most convenient and pleasurable activities are to watch movies and eat food! Most of us use our computers for watching films, and while watching them we eat snacks. The more distracting the movie is the more food we eat! There are also apps and websites that we can use to watch movies together with all of our friends at the same time. We can all chat there which makes things more interesting. Being in lockdown is boring; every day is the same and movies are the only escape from real life for some hours.”Lockdown Art ProjectLockdown Art Project

Carina has a similar response above. She has drawn her computer as a window to the outside world during the Lockdown to see her classmates during online Zoom classes.

For their Lockdown Art Project Nikki and William decided to draw their rooms, and the view from their rooms, where they were individually quarantined for two weeks upon their return to China. Nikki describes the experience: “I came back to China recently because of the virus. This is the room  lived in when I was in quarantine for two weeks before being allowed to go home to my family. For me, it was an unforgettable experience, because I had to stay in this room alone. During the quarantine, the only person I met was a paramedic in a protective suit. To this day, I don’t even know what his face looked like.”

Sara spent her time in Lockdown reflecting on the beauty of the family garden that has become a sanctuary for the entire family. Qiwen, likewise, has found the family garden to be a focal point for his time in lockdown. His photograph reflects that strangeness of a world that is familiar yet turned upside down. Zoe has drawn a similar experience of road seen through broken glass. A world familiar, yet shattered, as she asks: “What will the future bring?”