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Our wonderful Belmont community

Amelie (3RA) and Lillie (3AD) helped their dad donate 1100 pillowcases during the Easter holidays that have been now made as scrub bags. They received a letter of thanks from the project team working on distributing their donations to the hospitals; “We were able to make 3 bags from each pillow case so your donation has supplied 3300 bags. We have just completed an order for 3700 for the North Middlesex Hospital”. It is lovely to see that their donations have been turned into so many scrub bags.

Anthony (3RA) decided he wanted to raise money for the NHS by creating storybooks. He has raised £300 already. What a lovely idea!

Dylan (3GC) is raising funds for the hospital he was born in, The Royal Free. Like all the hospitals in the country, they are facing the biggest challenge of their lives in the fight against Covid-19. He has therefore joined in the 2.6 challenge and has given himself the target to dance for 26 minutes continuously on Sunday the 10th of May. He has raised £491 so far, smashing his original £100 target. To make a donation please click here. 

Poppy (4SP) planted around 50 sunflower seeds a few weeks ago, the idea being that everyone on the road could take one and plant in their front garden and in a couple of months they would have a road full of sunflowers. Poppy created a sign to explain to her neighbours how to plant them and left the sunflowers at the end of her drive. What a lovely way to bring joy to her neighbourhood, we can’t wait to see a photo of the sunflower street in a couple of months!

Aman (4EP) completed a 10k run with his mum. It was a fundraising challenge for this NHS set by his football club ‘Rising Stars’. He had so much fun and ran the whole way along with his football.

Evie (4NC) and her mum have been creating scrubs bags following Mrs VanDerWesthuizen’s instructions on Google Classroom. Evie has been sewing the French seems for the bags and made 4 bags which will be given to the local collection hub.

Lexi (6KA) has been busy making meals for the NHS. She made 50 pasta meals which will be donated to various hospitals from the Totteridge hub of “You donate, we deliver”.

George (8JI) and sister Mary (5SB) along with their dad, have made 100 visors for the NHS doctors and nurses to help protect them against COVID19.

Gracie (8AM) wanted to do something to help the NHS and the community. She has been running regularly for exercise and so has decided to set a huge challenge to raise money and is planning to run 422 km, the equivalent of 10 marathons, before her 13th birthday in August.  As fighting COVID-19 is a marathon not a sprint. To make a donation please click here.

Well done everyone! A great variety of initiatives to help the community.