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It’s OK To Be Me! Mrs Russo’s Assembly

The theme of Mrs Russo’s assembly last week was ‘it’s OK to be me.’

Mrs Russo started the assembly by explaining that we’re all unique, and we should all celebrate our differences. But, we should also recognise that it can take time to feel completely happy with who we are.

Sometimes it can take time to feel one hundred per cent comfortable in our own skin; we may need to go on a journey to get there.

Mrs Russo said that although we are all special, it is ok to not always feel like this. Her office is filled with quotes about feeling happy and confident just as we are, but we should also realise that we might not feel like this every day of the week, some days we just want to be someone else. As Mrs Russo explained, ‘life isn’t always easy enough to put into a quote.’

To help us understand further, Mrs Russo turned to some of her favourite musicals as examples of characters who go on a journey of self-discovery.

First up, Mrs Russo talked about the musical Hairspray, which Belmont performed in a fantastic production a few years ago. The story is one of self-discovery and self-acceptance in a segregated 1950s America; the overall message of the musical is ‘it’s good to be me!’

Everybody’s Talking about Jamie was Mrs Russo’s next example; a new musical based on a true story about a young boy who had trouble at school because he was different. Jamie was able to find his place and learn to be happy with who he was; although he went through struggles to get there, it meant he was able to grow as a person.

Mrs Russo’s final example was everybody’s favourite ogre, Shrek! At the beginning of his story, Shrek spends most of his time alone in his swamp, as he believes that people and animals are scared of him. During the course of his adventure with Princess Fiona and Donkey, he learns to trust in himself and feel validated just as he is.

Mrs Russo then introduced us to her son, a new member of staff here at Belmont. Mr Russo has just graduated from university where he did a music degree, and he was kind enough to play us a song he had written.

Mr Russo’s song was all about how the power of music can help us to achieve self-acceptance. By singing about why we aren’t perfect we can celebrate our differences and learn to be happy as we are.