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Making Others Feel Welcome: The Chaplain’s Message

To celebrate our reunion and the start of the new school year, the Chaplain’s message in Chapel last week was centred around one of our key values here at Belmont; kindness and making those around us feel welcome.

In our school community, as well as in our lives outside of school, we all have a responsibility to make others feel welcome, when we greet friends, family and teachers, as well as new pupils and new staff members.

The Chaplain explained that love is not just a feeling, but an action that we see around us every day. By making others feel welcome we are showing kindness, which is, in itself, love in action.

In these uncertain times, showing love and kindness is more important than ever.

As we all return to school this week after months of remote learning, there is an overwhelming feeling of excitement, seeing faces old and new and looking forward to the year ahead.

However, for some people coming back into school every day is a daunting prospect. After six months away and with new rules to keep us safe, this ‘new normal’ can feel strange and worrying.

In light of this, we should all do our best to uphold our Belmontian values, and spread kindness around the school. In particular, we should make sure that we are looking out for those who may be feeling unhappy or anxious.

Although we must still be careful and socially distance with each other to stay safe, we can show kindness and make others feel welcome just by using our hands, feet, ears, eyes and mouth.

We can use our hands to show friendship with people, simply by waving or giving someone a thumbs up, we can use our feet to walk over to someone and ask them how they are (from a safe distance!), and we can use our mouth to smile and speak kind words to them.

We can also use our eyes to spot those who may be feeling unhappy, and we can use our ears to listen to them and offer help.

The Chaplain explained that in Christianity, Jesus is known as the ‘Light of The World’ and that, like Jesus, every single one of us has the responsibility to be a shining light in the world and to spread kindness.