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This week in Nursery…

All the children have had a wonderful first week at Nursery. They have been coming into school with smiles and saying goodbye to their parents confidently and happily. We have really loved getting to know the children and this has been helped by looking through their amazing scrapbooks. The children have enjoyed sharing their photos, telling us all about their families, their pets and all their likes and dislikes.

The children have been very receptive to all the routines and rules of Nursery. They have learnt that ‘zero’ means no talking, how to sit on the carpet and are working hard to remember to put their hand up when wanting to talk on the carpet too. They have also loved getting to know some of the other teachers that will be visiting Nursery regularly, such as Mrs Harvey the Librarian, Mrs Suarez the P.E. teacher and Mrs Wakefield the Music teacher.

This week the children have loved exploring the Nursery environment, especially building with the magnatiles and bricks. Role-playing in the home corner has been a favourite; the children have loved making tea and biscuits for their friends and the teachers. What a fantastic first week, and looking forward to the week ahead.