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Our Belmont Community: Meet Our Staff

Devon – Belmont School Security/Porter

Devon is a well-known face around the Belmont community, working on the front crossing and greeting everyone as they come in and out of the school.

What is your job here at Belmont?

‘I am in charge of everything in the front car park and school entrance, deliveries and anyone coming in and out of the school…everything that happens in the school, I should know about it!’

What is your favourite thing about Belmont?

‘My favourite thing about Belmont is definitely the people. I am a real people person, I love talking to people and the staff are my friends.

There are some wonderful people here, and it is definitely the best place I have ever worked.

When you come through the gates in the morning it is like stepping into a different world, it’s a bubble and there is a definite ‘Belmont Magic’ in the air! I’m not sure what it is, perhaps the history of the building, but you can get lost in it…’

Describe Belmont in three words…

’Inspiring, busy (it’s so busy!) and there is a definitely a certain charm about the place.’

Something you didn’t know about me is….

’I love nature. I love watching nature shows about animals, and seeing how animals and humans are actually very similar and how close they are.

In the mornings at school I often have to tell parents that they can’t bring their dogs into the grounds, which I don’t like doing because I really love dogs!’

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