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This week in Music…

We have been developing our understanding of pitch this week, recognising that the size of the instrument effects the pitch; the smaller the size the higher the pitch. The children explored this with the cymbals, chime bars and wooden agogo bells.

We challenged our listening skills by hiding the instruments and standing up when the high pitch was heard and then sitting when the lower pitch was heard.

We also experimented with different ways in which we could stop the instruments from making a sound.

We spoke about vibrations, and the children found ways to make the sound stop immediately by breaking the vibrations. They came up with some great ideas, such as putting the cymbals on your head after playing them and placing the cymbals on the bushes!

When exploring the ‘vibraslap’, they found that even just touching it with your finger can stop the sound. This also made the children realise that when you play the percussion instruments you need to allow them to vibrate to make the best sound possible, so it is important to play them with the correct technique.