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This week in Year 2…

The Year 2 children arrived at school on Monday morning to find owls in their classroom!

The ‘Friendly Forester’ left the children another letter saying that he needed our help to look after the baby owls.

We have spent a wonderful week sorting through owl statements, and then researching owl facts to see if the statements were true.

We warmly welcomed Ms Burgess to teach an art lesson to each Year 2 class this week. She never fails to inspire the children and this time was no exception!

Our focus was owls, and the children worked with enthusiasm on their initial pencil sketches. Ms Burgess teaches the children about line and shape by giving them step by step direction, and they respond well to her careful instruction. Some of the children painted owls in flight using drawing inks, while others used acrylics to add colour to their owl portraits.

The children’s incredible efforts will be proudly displayed around the school, and will adorn the front of their learning journals.