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Grimsdell Book of the Week

This week, our Junior Librarians have chosen two very different books for you to discover and share.

Firstly, Luca recommends The Hundred Decker Bus by Mike Smith.

Luca’s reason for his selection:

Get a ticket and take a trip on this very unusual and very BIG bus! This is one of my favourite books and I hope you enjoy it too.”

We hope you enjoy Luca’s choice and that it becomes a firm favourite in your household too! This book is a new acquisition to the library, purchased due to Luca’s recommendation and is available to borrow from our school library.

Mrs Harvey would also recommend Luca’s choice of book. It is a new discovery for Mrs Harvey and she can see why Luca enjoys the story so much.

It is an adventure story which really captures your imagination as you try to work out where the bus will travel to next … The engaging illustrations generate lots of discussion and encourage careful analysis of the various characters clambering aboard the bus!

Every day, the bus driver finishes his cup of tea, puts on his jacket and sets off on his route, Every day, the man with the big red tie gets on a the roundabout, the lady with the pram gets on at the library and the noisy children get on a Clover Drive. BUT what if one day the driver turned down a new and different road and picked up new and different people? Well, there would only be one solution …

Join the exciting bus journey as it travels anywhere and everywhere, growing taller and TALLER with each adventure …


Our second book recommendation of the week comes from Evie.

Evie recommends a classic fiction book from the well renowned author, Lauren Child: Clarice Bean That’s Me by Lauren Child

Evie’s reason for her choice:

“I really like the Clarice Bean character and this is one of my favourite Clarice Bean stories. It is really funny and I hope you enjoy it too!”

Mrs Harvey would also recommend reading this book. Clarice Bean gives a snapshot of her life and family in the book that launched a best-selling series. Reading this book you can clearly see why it has become such a popular series with adults and children alike.

In this story, Clarice Bean is trying to find a peaceful area in her home but she has no luck at first … This really is a riveting read! The story is presented in a uniquely creative way – the text covers the page at differing angles and this encourages and challenges children to read in a different way, as well as making it exciting and interactive.

It encourages the children to think about the author’s intent – why are certain sentences presented in usual formats? Similarly, the changing style and size of font add another layer of meaning to the book. Why has the author chosen to use different fonts for the differing characters? In this story, the differing fonts mirror the personalities of the various family members, whether it be messy, playful or serious.

Author of the Week

I am very excited to introduce you to one of Grimsdell’s newest authors, Amelia from 2RM.

Amelia is an avid reader of a wide range of books and has written many thoughtful book reviews, giving suggestions to other readers about books recommended by her to read.

In her own uniquely creative way, Amelia has thought carefully about the Grimsdell Way and written a book showing how our values can be carried out in everyday life. She has drawn on her experiences in the classroom, playground and acts of kindness she has witnessed amongst her peers.

It is a truly delightful book and I have had great pleasure in cataloguing the book and adding it to our library collection. I know that it will be widely borrowed: The Grimsdell Way – A Day in Grimsdell by Amelia C

Happy Reading!

Mrs Harvey