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Meet Our 2020 Prefect Team: Alireza

Meet our new Prefects for 2020!

This week we are going to be introducing you to our new Prefect team for this year.

We spoke to them about why they wanted to be Prefects, and their favourite things about The Mount, Mill Hill International.


Age: 15
Year Group: Year 11
Nationality: Iranian

Why did you want to be a Prefect at MMHI?

I wanted to be a prefect because I wanted to interact with both students and teachers more than I usually would do, and really get out of my comfort zone and get to know others more.

What is your favourite thing about MMHI?

One of the best things about MMHI is that as it is a small school, it is quite easy to get to know everyone and their names.

Describe MMHI in three words. 

Dynamic, inspiring and warm.

What would you like to do when you leave the school?

I want to first do my A Levels in Mill Hill School and then go to university to study Computer Science – which has been an important thing in my life.

What is your favourite subject, and why?

It is hard to decide between one, but I will go with Computer Science. Programming has been a hobby of mine for three years now and I love learning about computers.

Can you tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I did not really used to be a social person when I was living in Iran and when I got to the UK, and specifically to MMHI, I really started to enjoy being with other people and go out with my friends. Boarding was extremely helpful with this as well.