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National Poetry Day 2020

To celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday 1st October, the Writers’ Society used bibliomancy to create poetry.

What is bibliomancy?


Bibliomancy is the art of using books to tell the future. You pick a book, ask a question, close your eyes, open the book to a page at random, then point to a line. That chosen line – or passage – is your answer.

 On National Poetry Day we used a variety of books to construct poems. Here are some of our creations…


he comes in, grim-faced 

and suspicious.

it had been in the afternoon,

near the ‘dead hour’.

we remained pinned there

under the blazing sun.

i sought calm in vain-

as if tied up in a black sack

in an anxious dream

from which there was 

no awakening.

every man goes through 

this period of crisis.


by stas (Weymouth)


we rustle and wait

blinking happily, sleepily, in the sun

He felt it burn in his heart

‘I swear I’ll bring you back home’

he couldn’t leave a friend to die


Victory is on one side

merely to walk into such a place

where they lose trust in themselves

and the seconds that passed felt like hours


clouds knotted on the horizon

look at those flowers

looking at nothing

Some things were worth aching for


by Anjali (McClure)