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Our Mill Hill Community: Meet Our Staff

Mr Taylor – Foundation Head of Boarding

Mr Taylor began his role as Foundation Head of Boarding for Mill Hill School and The Mount, Mill Hill International at the start of this Autumn Term.

This is a new role for the Foundation and Mr Taylor has an office both at The Mount, Mill Hill International and at Mill Hill School. He oversees the running of all five Boarding Houses.

We spoke to him to find out a little bit more about what this new role entails, and his first impressions of Mill Hill.

‘Day to day I oversee boarding across both schools. This involves managing the staff for all of the Boarding Houses, managing the pastoral care of our boarding pupils, taking charge of activities and trips and taking charge of boarding development.

Because Mill Hill School and The Mount, Mill Hill International are integrated within the Boarding Houses, we are really like one big international family, and we do all of our trips and Saturday activities all together.’

In your opinion, what are the benefits of boarding for pupils?

‘When you survey boarders and ask them this question, it is very interesting what comes back. For pretty much everyone, their answer is that it significantly helps develop independence.

Boarding is a fantastic stepping stone into university life. For most people leaving home and moving into university halls is an enormous jump, but if you’ve already had practice and support from Housemasters and Housemistresses, this suddenly becomes much easier, even with things like doing your laundry!

The other huge benefit is the sense of community mindedness that boarding provides. Living and connecting with other people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures is vital life lesson, and pupils will gain this from the internationalism that Mill Hill provides.

That was one of the reasons I wanted to come and work at Mill Hill – the diverse and international community!’

Can you describe Mill Hill in three words?

‘Warm, friendly….it’s hard to do just three words! It certainly doesn’t feel like you’re in London, the location is amazing and the opportunities are second to none.’

What are your hopes for your first year as Foundation Head of Boarding?

This year, our biggest challenge is COVID-19. I am aiming to make everyone feel as happy, as comfortable and as at home as possible, given the current circumstances.

I am also keen to boost the boarders voice within our developments, and listen to feedback from a diverse range of pupils to make sure everyone is happy in every aspect of boarding life.