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This Week in Music

The children have been working on the skill of following a conductor and working as a team.

We discussed the importance of this to ensure that the music we produce is in time and simultaneous.

We played a game where the children had to watch the leader very carefully and say ‘HA’ at exactly the same time as them without knowing when they were going to say it.

This meant the children were very focussed on the leader. To challenge us further we played a version where the children didn’t know who the leader was going to be which heightened their focus even more.

We also practiced internalising the pulse with a tapping game where the counts were said in the ‘thinking voice’ as they followed a leader. If the children all finished at the same time they knew that they had kept the pulse going in their head correctly.

It was fantastic to see them paying so much attention to the leader and maintaining this high level of concentration for a prolonged period.