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This Week in Nursery

We have had another wonderful but busy week in Nursery. We started off the week with some phase one phonics games to develop our listening skills. The children heard animal noises and then had to guess what animal had made the sound.

We also talked about syllables in their names and we clapped the syllables for each one of our friends.

The children have been thinking about their faces, looking at their eye colour, hair colour and making it with playdough and loose parts.

We also had great fun continuing to develop our cutting skills by cutting out faces from magazines to make our own face.

We have been developing our confidence to talk in front of our peers, the children all took it in turns to tell the class their age and their name.

The children have also been confidently sharing their items in show and tell. They have loved bringing something in and talking about it in great detail.

Just a reminder, show and tell is on Tuesday am and Wednesday pm.

Today we made salt dough, the children helped make the dough and we talked about the order in which things are made using the correct language; first, second, third, last etc.

The children then made shapes using the salt dough which they can paint next week once they have been baked.

What a great week!