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This week in Nursery…

What a great week we have had in Nursery. We started the week off by continuing to work on our phase 1 phonics by listening to rhymes and recognising words that rhymes with each other. We played a game on the white board and a matching card game. We also found many rhyming words in our favourite stories by Julia Donaldson.

The children have been wonderful artists this week. They have all independently painted a portrait of themselves for the front of their learning journal. They looked carefully in the mirror to decide what colour they would need for their skin, hair and eyes. We were so impressed by the wonderful job they did.

We went for a lovely visit to the cabin on Wednesday. The children went in small groups and explored this area, playing with new toys and it encouraged them to play with some different children in class too. The children have all decided that we must have snack in the cabin next week.

This week we have been thinking lots about the differences and similarities of all the children in Nursery class. We thought about different things that we like and chose our favourite colours, pets and ice-cream. We noticed that we all liked different things and this was wonderful.

Today as part of Black History month we looked at some famous black inventors this then inspired us to become inventors ourselves. We used recycled materials to make our own inventions.