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Diwali Day

Diwali Day was celebrated in style last week with children coming into school wearing their own bright clothes. The children were given bindis to wear and they each tried painting their hands with medhi designs which looked fabulous!

The children also took part in many Diwali-themed activities, such as, making their own Rangoli patterns, decorating divas and making firework blasters out of cardboard tubes and balloons.

Maggie, our chef, treated the children to a delicious Indian feast at lunchtime and the children made their own Indian sweets to taste in the classroom.

Overall, an extremely exciting and memorable day learning about Diwali, the festival of lights!

Elsie ‘I liked the lanterns because they were pretty.’

Aurelio ‘ I liked decorating the Rangoli pattern with sand.’

Mai ‘I enjoyed the tattoos that we had on our hands because they were really nice decorations.’

Freddie ‘I liked making the paper lanterns because I like Green Lantern the Superhero.’