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Geography Photography Competition Winners 2020

Well done to everyone that submitted an entry to the 2020 Geography Photography competition – we had some truly amazing entries!

This year’s theme was ‘Beyond the Concrete Jungle’. Entrants were instructed to submit a photo that best shows how life in the city is more than just busy streets, pollution and overcrowding…what opportunities does urban living create?

We are delighted to announce our winners below, congratulations to all of them!

Scroll through the picture gallery to see their photos and read the captions they have written to go with their entries.

First place

Huxley (Fourth Form, McClure)

‘Due to the pandemic and lockdown etc. I wanted to do something that symbolised how we are stuck indoors and looked up at the door in front of me and noticed it had a huge keyhole so I grabbed my phone and took pictures of the outside world though a key hole and this really works well with what I was going for’.

Second place 

Hannah (Lower Sixth, McClure)

‘A beacon of hope during the coronavirus lockdown 2020. They say you’ll find gold at the end of the rainbow and this example shows exactly that. On the left you have a deserted London City Airport, with every plane grounded to slow the spread of the pandemic. On the right you have the Thames Barrier, a moveable barrier system designed to keep us safe and prevent the floodplain of Greater London from flooding.’

Third Place 

Michael (Fourth Form, School House)

‘I chose this photo because I thought it shows the densely populated city, but in the middle of the densely populated and overcrowded city there is a place to relax and take a break, and a quiet place where you can do anything. there are seats and also lovely flowers to help you calm down if you are stressed. This picture shows that there is more to a city then just busy streets, pollution and overcrowding. The air looks to be in good shape with no pollution and the streets don’t look busy and there is no overcrowding.’

Highly Commended

Sasha (Fourth Form Priestley)

‘It was the Friday after a long week and I was really tired but knew I needed to do some netball training. For an hour I was lethargically practising when it started to get dark. I looked up behind the trees and saw the most beautiful colours rise through the sky and instantly felt energised and happy so I took a picture to remember the moment’.

Emma (Fourth Form, Winfield)

‘Life in the city isn’t just busy streets, pollution and overcrowding. Life in the city also includes diversity and culture.’

Evelyn (Upper Sixth, Winfield)

‘This photograph was taken on the 26th of February before Lockdown began, it was taken on Blackfriars Bridge, just as the sun was setting. This photograph was particularly poignant to me as this part of London is always bustling with noise and the serenity of the river illustrates the unseen side of London’.