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Our Grimsdell Community: Meet Our Staff

Meet our lovely Grimsdell cleaners, Mala, Geeta and Dil, without whom Grimsdell would simply not be the same!

They make sure that the whole school is safe and clean for us all every day and we are all very grateful for their hard work.

Mala, Geeta and Dil are all from Nepal. Mala has worked at the school for ten years now, Geeta for five and Dil for one and a half years.

We spoke to them to find out a bit more about them.

What are your favourite things about Grimsdell?

Mala said: ‘It is my family and home!’ 

Dil and Geeta said: ‘Grimsdell is also my family and I love my job!’

We asked them to describe Grimsdell in three words…(they couldn’t narrow it down to just three!)

‘Teamwork, caring, happy, comfortable…and we get lots of rewards when we work hard like chocolate and flowers!’

What were your favourite subjects when you were at school?

Mala said: ‘I loved economics and accounting.’

Geeta said ‘History!’

Can you tell us something we didn’t know about you?

Mala said ‘I love swimming, hiking and dancing.’

Dil said ‘I love walking and shopping!.’

Geeta said ‘I really like watching Netflix.’