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Our Mill Hill International Community: Meet Our Staff

Meet Miss Akhtar, School Administrator at The Mount, Mill Hill International.

We spoke to her to find out what her role entails and her favourite things about the school.

What is your role at The Mount, Mill Hill International?

‘I first started at Mill Hill International as the School Administrator, but I have also become the Examinations Officer and Timetabling Officer during my time here.

As School Administrator, my main aim is that parents and pupils feel that they have all the information they need about the school.

Parents have regular emails from me, with letters about Parents and Guardians’ Meetings, prep expectations and updates about the school being sent throughout the year. 

The role of Examinations Officer is one that I have a real passion for. Before preparing for my examinations in school I was motivated by the feeling of opening my results in the summer and seeing an excellent set of grades. This guided me throughout my school life, and I would encourage our pupils, particularly those in Year 11, to think hard about what motivates them, to approach their studies and exams with positivity, and to set a clear goal of what they would like to see in the summer.

My role as Timetabling Officer is fairly new, although I have provided administrative support in the timetabling process in previous years. I’m looking forward to the challenges that this role will pose and can’t wait to fully engage with them.’

How long have you worked at The Mount, Mill Hill International?

January 2021 will mark four years since I started at The Mount, Mill Hill International. I have been very fortunate to work in a supportive and collaborative work environment. I have seen four sets of (I)GCSE results, each year improving with the percentage of A*-C/9-4 achieved.

In addition, the introduction of two new courses, the Two Year GCSE and Fast Track courses, during my second year allowed pupils to start new journeys, and I have been happy to support the pupils and teachers in these.

What is your favourite thing about the school?

My favourite thing about The Mount, Mill Hill International is our ability to adapt. This was particularly evident in the Spring and Summer terms last year, where schools in the UK were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pupils and teachers moved to online learning immediately, understanding the importance of continuing lessons and maintaining as close to a normal routine as possible in what felt like very uncertain times. I worked with Ms Proudlove and Ms Bellotti before the Summer Term, following both teacher and pupil feedback, to produce lesson timetables that took into account the different time zones that our pupils were in and the amount of time spent in front of computers.

As a whole school community, we were able to adapt to a situation that could not have been envisioned at the start of the year.

Describe The Mount, Mill Hill International in three words.

‘Adaptable, innovative, inviting.’

Something you didn’t know about me is…. 

‘I am a very big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest! I enjoy the idea of different nations coming together to celebrate any form of art in the spirit of friendly competition. Cheesy lyrics, cheesy melodies and cheesy costumes – it puts a big smile on my face, and I couldn’t ask for more.’