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This week in Nursery…

The children arrived at school to find quite a large mess on the carpet, there were leaves and sticks everywhere. I hadn’t seen who had made the mess so as a class we have thought about what might have the made the mess; we are going to become investigators over the next few weeks to find out who it might have been.

We also started the week off by doing some Halloween activities. The children enjoyed catching spiders using tweezers and scoops. They took part in some observational water colour paintings of pumpkins. They also hammered pegs into the pumpkins and role played being in a pumpkin patch using their ‘mini mes’.

On Tuesday we discussed what it means to be a good friend. The children then chose a friend from their class and told us why they were a good friend. Then they independently used the iPad to take some lovely photos of their friend.

On Wednesday the children played Pumpkin Bingo. Each child had a board and then had to cross off the picture that matched the number shown. The children loved this and got very good at shouting ‘BINGO’!

The children have talked lots about marbles and playing with marble runs at home this week so we kindly borrowed a marble run from one of the other classes. This was a definite hit, the children loved building and constructing and we observed some wonderful language, turn taking and problem solving.

Today the children took part in an assault course. The children were developing their physical and gross motor skills by jumping, balancing, hopping and moving in a variety of different ways.

What a wonderful week!