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This Week in Nursery…

What a wonderful week we have had in Nursery!

The children have been continuing to develop their phase one Phonics by developing their listening skills. We played a game of Guess Who, where the children had to describe their chosen person and the other children had to listen and work out who they thought it might be. The children loved this and at the end of the week we played it again using the children’s ‘mini-mes.’

The children have thoroughly enjoyed Outdoor Learning Week. They loved planting their bulbs and have reminded the teachers that they need watering daily. We also made mud paint to use outside, played some throwing and catching games and explored the cabin area.

We read the story of Little Red Riding Hood this week and the children have loved role-playing this story. The celebration area has been transformed regularly by the children into a picnic area for little red riding hood, her grandma and the wolf. We also read a lovely story called ‘Little Red and the very Hungry Lion’ by Alex T. Smith this story is a wonderful take on the classic and the children found it quite funny.

We used little Red Riding Hood’s basket of cakes to practice sharing and counting to 5. The children had to count out the cakes then share them with the Wolf and Grandma, they quickly worked out that five wasn’t a very good sharing number. We were also practising subitising, this is where the children see an array of numbers and recognise the number without counting for example dots on a dice. The children are improving daily at this which is wonderful.

We have been continuing to learn facts about forest animals and the children painted or drew their favourite animal today in class. The children then shared their favourite fact and their work with the class.