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This week in Reception…

What a fantastic start to the week with all your amazing show and tell items and pictures! We really enjoyed listening to the children and were impressed with the confidence and clarity in their speech.

We have been continuing our work on friendships and this week read a story about some animals that were sad as they had been called some unkind names, but the main character found them and offered to share his toys and helped them to feel better.

We have also been thinking about Bonfire Night, making firework pictures on the computer, flicking paint to create a class combined photo and printing with different materials.

In Maths the children really enjoyed a Numicon hunt around the outside area.  In Phonics we sorted some objects by their initial sound b/d to try and reinforce these sounds as children often confuse them. You can help at home with this by showing you thumbs left hand is ‘b’ and right hand is ‘d’.