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This Week in Year 2…

Year 2 have had a fabulous week which started off with a fun Science investigation about the spreading of germs. We used glitter to show the children how far germs can spread in three different conditions.  Condition 1- warm water and soap; condition 2- warm water; and condition 3- no soap or water.

After the experiment, the children discovered that the germs didn’t spread very far when the glittered hand was washed with warm water and soap. The investigation proved to the children how important it is to wash hands properly and the importance of personal hygiene to keep ourselves clean.

Learning about washing our hands led us nicely into our Maths/DT lesson where we made gingerbread men, with the focus on the sweetie house found by Hansel and Gretel. This created a big cheer when the children found out what was on the menu.

The children took part in using measuring scales to weigh out the ingredients, whilst being COVID-19 safe, and mixing them to form a dough. The cookies were decorated and this was an opportunity to talk about how we are all different and unique with our own special qualities.

The focus this week was anti-bullying and each class learnt about what bullying is, the types of bullying and what they can do to keep safe. One activity that was carried out was the ‘bruised apple lesson’ where the children observed that two apples appeared the same on the outside but when cut in half, they could see all the bruising/hurt from one of the apples being bullied. Children could see the effect of bullying being on the inside even though they looked fine on the outside! We discussed the national theme of Anti-Bullying Week this year being ‘United against bullying’ and to work together to stop bullying.

In English the children used ‘The Power of Three’ to write a variety of expanded noun phrases to describe the sweetie house from Hansel and Gretel.

Diwali Day was a huge success and the children had lots of fun making rangoli art, Indian sweets, firework pictures and more, whilst learning about the festival of lights.