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Year 6 Remembrance Day Poetry

To mark Remembrance Day this week, Year 6 wrote some wonderful poetry, which you can find below.

Year 6 Remembrance Poetry

By Katy (6AP)

Remembrance is a bold, vivid red – a colour that paints determination.
It is a gentle sky, the healing after the dreadful storm.
Remembrance is a train of thought, pulling into the station of memory.
It is the spring, hope is blooming and the sorrow melts away.
Remembrance is a stained glass window, a time in which our minds become colourful.
Remembrance is the deep howl of a wolf, striking strength into our minds and hearts.
It is the ocean: deep, calm and filled with memories.
It is a knitted jumper bringing warmth.

By Sophie (6AP)

Poppies, blood red,
Old battlefields, a blanket of death.
Mud, a mosquito, sucking into you until it is satisfied
Massive hills, rising up like the sun in the morning light.
Beautiful… but all alone.
Happy… but missing home.
I wonder what it was like to be a soldier in World War 1.
I guess I’ll never know, now that it’s done.
All that’s left are the old dying fields,
The poppies like a bright star of hope and joy
A picture painted of brave helping soldiers
And, of course, the voices and whispers of the past.
Thank you for your sacrifices
And the hope that you’ve served.

By Oscar (6AP)

Sunny days gripped by rapid shooting.
A soldier killed every second.
Cars roving into the winter breeze.
Reduction in food causing more deaths than shooting.
I knew I wasn’t coming out alive.
Fight my heart out with no return.
I was aware when I signed up though.
Calendar being crossed out every eternity.
Either death or death – no way out.

By Jonah (6AP)

Remembrance is the deep black of thinking.
Remembrance is an electric car silent and still.
Remembrance is the trees in winter, dead but not forgotten.
Remembrance is a sunny day and a clear sky.
Remembrance is a wooden chair passed down through generations never to be broken.
Remembrance is Flanders fields with bright red poppies surrounding you.