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Lower School Reading Challenge

Throughout the second half of the term, the children have continued to work hard on their reading. Mrs Hunt has been kept very busy with delivering book orders; it is great to see that the children are still making very good use of the amazing Library.

Many of the Year 3 children have taken on the challenge, which is fantastic, and I look forward to seeing their efforts next term.

As ever, it has been a pleasure to see the completed Reading Logs and the wonderful array of reviews they have created.

Congratulations to the following who have been awarded their Reading Challenge badges, this half term:

Autumn Half Term 2  
Bronze Dylan 4NH  
Bronze Advanced Cemre 4EP, Aelith 4SP, Jacob L 4SP  
Silver Advanced Millie 4NH, Poppy B 5AD, Maxwell 4NH  
Gold Jasmyn 5JD  
Gold Advanced    
Diamond Advanced    

It is never too late to pick up the challenge and I hope that many of the children will spend time reading over the Christmas break. If you have not taken up the challenge then now is a good time to start. When you have completed your reviews, bring them and your reading log into school (they will be quarantined by your teacher for 72hrs) or send them to your form tutor, or to me, via Gmail. You can create them electronically or scan/take a photo and upload them.

Here is a reminder of how the Belmont reading Challenge works:

*There are a few adaptions to make it easier to manage whilst we have restrictions in place due to COVID 19


  1. Choose a book that is challenging for you (ask you teacher or email Mrs Hunt if you are not sure)
  2. Write the name of the book and the author into your reading log
  3. Read the book and (hopefully) enjoy it!
  4. Create a review of your book – there are different formats you can choose (ask your teacher if you are not sure)
  5. Get your parents to sign the reading log when you have completed your review
  6. *Once you have completed your 10 reviews, bring them to school and give them to your form tutor (they will quarantine them for 72hrs and then pass them to me) OR attach them to an email and send them, via Gmail, to your form tutor or to me.
  7. *I will look at your reviews and will write you a note or reply to your email and then pass your badge to your form tutor.


Please note

  • If you lose a badge then you can buy a replacement for £1 (form Ms Sutherns)
  • We want you to read a range of books so a maximum of 3 books by the same author/from the same series can be read for each level
  • Excellent book reviews will be shared Mrs Pendred and awarded a commend
  • Your name will be published in the Bulletin at the end of every half term

To get great ideas about books to read you can ask your friends to recommend books that they have enjoyed, you can also ask Mrs Hunt who will give you give you loads of great suggestions of books that might interest. Be sure to check out the Library Google Classroom!

Miss Sutherns

(Head of Lower School)