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This Week in Nursery…

This week has been wonderful with great festivities and excitement.

The week started off with the children finding another mess in the Nursery classroom although this time there was a clue attached. We followed the clues around the school until we came across Stickman and a letter in the science garden.

The letter told us that Stickman had made the mess in the classroom and that to say sorry he was going to stay with us until Christmas Eve where he would report back to Santa about how we had been.

Each day the children have arrived to Nursery to find that Stickman has organised some very interesting things for us to do. He gave us a Christmas tree and decorations, toy books to cut out and stick what we would like from Santa, window stickers and special wrapping paper to wrap all our presents.

As well as all of these exciting activities the children have had wonderful fun making calendars, Christmas cards, Christmas decorations and posting letters to Santa.

Today the children loved watching the Christingle assembly and once it was finished they enjoyed making their very own Christingle. We explained the various parts of the Christingle and why each part was important.