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Mill Hill Pet Challenge: First Round Winners!

Thank you to everyone who has submitted an entry into our new Mill Hill Pet Challenge over the past two weeks – we have absolutely loved meeting all of your adorable furry friends and seeing how talented they are, and we know that every entry has brought a smile to many faces!

We are very excited to announce that our first two winners of the Pets at Home Vouchers are Nelly, owned by Ella (Upper Sixth, Priestley) and Jasper, owned by Amy (Lower Sixth Atkinson).

See Nelly and Jasper’s winning pictures above (click through to meet Jasper), and a reminder of their photo captions below:

Nelly: Say hi to Ella’s (Upper Sixth, Priestley) dog Nelly, affectionately known as Smelly Nelly! She can’t wait for lockdown to be over and for the sun to shine again so that she can frolick in a field like this again!

Jasper: This is Amy’s (Lower Sixth, Atkinson) cat Jasper, who clearly likes to try and sit in anything he can…including eggboxes! That can’t be comfortable Jasper….

Well done to Nelly, Ella, Jasper and Amy!

You can see all of the entries so far on our Instagram page here.

We will be announcing two new winners every week so don’t forget to keep sending your entries direct to Marketing, at marketing@millhill.org.uk and cc sarah@millhill.org.uk. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!