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Wellbeing in Lockdown: Pupil Contributions

Michael (Fourth Form, School House) has written this article about how he stays active and looks after his wellbeing during lockdown.

I ensure that I go outside every day in morning break and in the lunch hour and again in the afternoon. I play cricket with my brother on the patio in the back garden and I play football with my brother in the back garden.

I go for a walk or a cycle ride for 30 to 60 minutes in the local area and always log my exercise on Strava every day, I aim to do two miles each day.

I also count my steps which are recorded on my Fitbit and I aim for 10,000 steps every day.

I sometimes do a Joe Wicks workout, following the videos that he put on the internet during the first lockdown last year.

I play computer games online three or four evenings a week, for a maximum of one hour, in order to keep in touch and socialise with my friends.

I regularly read books, in particular choosing ones from the recently published reading list from school and I tick them off as I read them.

I also read football magazines for relaxation.

I like listening to pop music in my bedroom whilst reading or doing homework!