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Book of the Week!

We have two genres of book to share with you this week: a fiction text and a non-fiction book.

The Grimsdell Children’s Library Books of the Week has been chosen by two of our new Junior Librarians, Alex and Amy  from 2RM.

Our first recommended book of the week is a fiction book. Alex recommends: Ketchup on Your Cornflakes? by Nick Sharratt.

Alex’s reason for his choice:

“I love this book because it is so funny and you can keep changing the story …”

We hope you agree! This book and other stories written by this author are available to borrow from our Grimsdell Library.

Mrs Harvey would also support Alex’s book choice. This deliciously comical interactive book from the brilliant Nick Sharratt is a hilarious way to match words and objects in combinations – sensible or otherwise! An inspired choice as this book holds a fascination for all Grimsdell children and is usually out on loan!

The book has simple, clear illustrations and text with clear, large print. The repetitive element of the text encourages children to anticipate words or phrases. Repetition adds rhythm and the mysterious charm of ritual to the simplest of verbal formulas.

The split pages of the book make it possible for children to use their imagination and create their own version of the story. It also helps them to think ‘outside the box’, encouraging them to questions things that are considered the norm.

Our second book of the week is a non-fiction text, chosen by Amy in 2RM. Amy is a huge fan of non-fiction texts and has chosen The Big Book of the Blue by Yuval Zommer.

Amy’s reason for her choice:

“I really enjoy non-fiction books, particularly those exploring different sea creatures. I chose this particular book because of the wonderful illustrations!”

We hope you will take the opportunity to read Amy’s choice, which is available to borrow from our school library.

Mrs Harvey would also recommend this particular non-fiction book. It is a visually stunning book and was nominated for the 2019 Kate Greenaway Medal. Yuval Zommer excels at creating distinctive illustrations. The book answers a myriad of questions, such as ‘Why do octopuses have eight arms?’ ‘Why do crabs run sideways?’ ‘Are jellyfish made of jelly?’ This beautiful book provides the answers to these and many more fishy questions. His wonderfully quirky illustrations show off all kinds of slippery, shimmery and surprising sea creatures, including sea turtles (Amy’s favourite!), whales, sharks, rays and seahorses.

Chatty, funny and full of amazing facts, it will be devoured by children eager to find out about the most exciting creatures from the deep blue. It really is a brilliant introduction to the wonderful world of water. It celebrates ocean life and is a timely reminder of our responsibility to protect it.

Non-fiction books are a popular choice by many of our Grimsdell borrowers. I have written previously about the importance of non-fiction in the development a child’s literacy skills. Non-fiction underpins all other learning:  comprehending non-fiction is a life skill. The reading and sharing of non-fiction literature develops reading comprehension, builds background knowledge and develops analytical skills.

How do you encourage your child to read non-fiction if they are a reluctant non-fiction reader?  I often encourage children to pair their fiction book with a non-fiction text, as this can make their enjoyment and understanding of the fiction text much richer. Competent readers make meaning from a text not only by knowing what the words mean, but by bringing what they know of the world to the text.

It is worth noting that children are more likely to engage with a non-fiction text related to a story that they are emotionally invested in. Alternatively, go with your child’s interests. Whether it is dogs or princesses, find non-fiction books to match your child’s passions. Include ‘how to’ books such as Junk Modelling that teach them how create new and exciting items or try a science experiment book for all the budding scientists out there!

We have a wide range of non-fiction books – I am sure there is something to tempt everyone!

Happy Reading!

Mrs Harvey