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This week in Music…

It has been lovely to have the children back together again and seeing their excitement to learn.

Nursery enjoyed a trip on a bus where they met Reggie the bus driver and learnt his fun rap which featured lots of beeping horns! They also explored the concept of a ‘lullaby’ and learnt to sing ‘Slumbertown’ by the Musical Dots. We rocked our teddies in time to the pulse of the song and then experimented with different tempos and actions such as bouncing the teddy on our knees or throwing them up into the air. We discussed which tempo and action was the most appropriate for a lullaby and they all agreed that it should be slow with a gentle rocking movement to make sure that the baby falls asleep!

Reception have been exploring pulse and finding different ways to mark the pulse on their bodies. They sang “On a log” with our friend the frog and had fun bouncing him up and down on his pond in time to the song.

Year 1 have been practicing for their production which will be filmed. They are singing their songs wonderfully with such enthusiasm and beginning to recite their lines with confidence and expression. I am looking forward to sharing this performance with you after the Easter holiday.

Year 2 have been working in partners to compose body percussion patterns. They explored different sounds that their bodies could make such as stamping, clapping, clicking, scraping their clothes etc and chose 4 sounds that they wanted to use in their composition. They worked together to ensure that they were able to stay in time to the pulse. This is a tricky skill as I asked the children to internalise the pulse rather than hearing the pulse out loud. It was also a challenge to remember the sequence of sounds! The children performed this task to their friends brilliantly and I was impressed by the unique sounds they had chosen.