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This Week in Year 1…

This week in Year 1 we have been focusing on Science Week. The children have had an amazing start firstly, by a special visit from Professor Pea and Professor Nut launching Grimsdell Science week.

Following on, we had a live session with Professor Colin Hale from Imperial University London talking to us live about ‘carbon capture’ and showing the children a small-scale carbon capture plant. The children were fascinated and carried out their own experiments to capture carbon dioxide in balloons.

Our topic related Science has been learning about the Northern Lights, where and how they are formed. They then created their own Northern light effect during a science art session. They chose different materials such as chalk and ink to create different aurora rays to emulate the Northern Lights. The children also experimented with a light box and how the laws of refraction and reflection works and how light bends as it passes through different shaped lens and prisms.

The children also enjoyed taking part in Mad Science workshops and activities exploring more about different colours, chromatography, and the colours of the rainbow. Finally, the children have enjoyed watching ‘I am a scientist’ videos of the different scientific professions.