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This Week Nursery…

We have had a wonderful Science Week in Nursery. The children have loved being scientists and we have encouraged them to predict, observe and notice in various areas of the classroom.

The children enjoyed learning the new sound ‘g’ and we watched a video of gorillas so we could bang on our chests making the sound just like them. We decorated our sound card using green glitter or gold glitter or felt tips.

The children had a wonderful Zoom Science Workshop with Dangerous Dan. The children watched him do some experiments and then they got to take part in the classroom.

For Science Week we also made bubble mixture and the children had great fun making some very big bubbles using a hoop. We also looked at materials that dissolve, the children made predictions about whether certain items would dissolve for example coffee, salt, sugar etc and then the children observed and commented on what had happened.

As well as being scientists the children have had fun with lots of Easter creative activities. They have been decorating eggs to hang on our Easter tree, doing Easter cutting and got to experience an Easter egg hunt with their friends, they even got to meet the Easter bunny!!