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This Week in Nursery!

Nursery have had a wonderful week.

We started off the week by learning our new sounds c and k. The children remembered the difference between the new sounds confidently, differentiating between the curly ‘c’ and the kicking ‘k’. They decorated their sound card with lots of colours.

We also received another letter from Mimiko, a little girl who lives in Tokyo. She answered some of our questions about Japan and spoke in great detail about her home. The children loved learning about the fact that she doesn’t have a table and we removed the table from our home corner so we could role-play being Japanese and eating on cushions on the floor.

We loved looking at the children’s houses and they described the differences and similarities in great detail. We went for a lovely walk around the local environment and spoke about the houses we could see. The children learnt about what a bungalow, semi-detached, detached and a terrace house was.

We used this teaching of houses to look at 2D shapes. The children used the shapes to make pictures, matched the shapes and used sticks to make various shapes.

On Wednesday the children drew a picture of their house. They looked carefully at their photograph and discussed the shapes they could see. They chose what medium to use for their house and drew some of their family members.

Today we had another wonderful session in Forest school. They used our learning from in class to explore animal homes. They also made homes for the fairies and teddy bears using materials found in the forest.