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This week in Year 2!

Year 2 have had a delightful week which started with our continued learning surrounding the wonderful book, Wabi Sabi by Mark Reibstein.

We have taken time to dissect each page, examining the language the author has used and answering relevant questions surrounding the characters and storyline.

In order to do this effectively, the children have had great fun continuing to learn to use the Jam Board app. As a class, we asked questions about a particular page and the children used the iPad to type their answers which appeared collaboratively on the screen.

On one page of the story, Wabi Sabi finds herself in central Tokyo so we took time to immerse ourselves into the sights and sounds that she might have experienced by watching a video of the busy streets of Tokyo.

We then used our bodies, voices or objects to make similar noises, repeating these over and over to create a soundscape. The children were then given part of the first line to a poem and they had to add their own adjectives and then continue the poem using appropriate verbs and adjectives to create more sentences.

We finally read to the end of the book using our inference skills to make observations from the words and pictures. Our ‘Wabi Sabi’ focus culminated in us writing our worn Haiku poem. We learnt how to recognise Haiku Poems in task time a few weeks ago so now the children got to write their own.

We were delighted to also welcome Maureen Burgess, visiting Art teacher back to Grimsdell this week. She taught the children about collage and they spent time drawing and collaging their own Wabi Sabi cat. I think you will agree that the results are spectacular!