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Eid Celebrations at Grimsdell

We had a wonderful day celebrating Eid last Friday. Our celebrations went hand in hand with our Wellbeing Week activities as the festival of Eid focusses on kindness and giving to others, in addition to having fun and celebrating with parties and time with friends.

Our Eid Party Day was a great way to round off the week. In the morning the children arrived to an array of balloon towers outside the school to welcome them, kindly donated by the parents who have helped us with our celebrations. All the children were dressed up for the party day and everyone looked amazing! Throughout the day we took party in a variety of activities, including tasting delicious dates and completing a Little Book of Gratitude.

In assembly we showed a film put together by Mrs Dobson which features many of our Muslim children at home showing us how they are celebrating and really bringing the festival to life with their experiences. Thank you to Jayda, Amirah, Aya, Aliya, Ellannie, Sofia, Yara and Aaron for all their contributions in the video.

Scroll through the gallery above to see what else we got up to and the children in their wonderful party clothes!