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Holly’s Highlights

Holly has been in school everyday this week and she has made a massive contribution to the wellbeing of everyone.  On Monday, Mr Llong who is in charge of the Grounds came and took her for a walk for his wellbeing and then she had anpther walk with Miss Sarah, our IT sipport at lunch time.  On Tuesday morning she met Mrs Sanchez outside her office who came to greet Holly, give her a cuddle and mentioned how well having a dog around makes you feel.

Holly has been to Forest School a number of times this week, so much so she needed to have a mid-week bath!  She has also taken part in classes and some children have taken her for a walk.

Holly was very honoured to be invited down to the Mill Hill International School on Thursday.  She spent some time in the common room and helped calm the students before their exams.

She really is good for our wellbeing.  We must also make sure we look after her wellbeing too so she will only be in school for 1 or 2 days next week to allow her to have a rest.  As you can see from the photos, she has been having a big sleep every evening when she has got home!