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Paws b this week!

We linked ‘The Sound of Silence’ book to the beginning of our Paws b session and discussed why it can be important to find ‘ma’ or silence during our daily lives. In Paws b, over the last 3 weeks, we have been working on Lesson 11 which focusses on Growing happiness and we have talked about choosing to nurture ourselves and others. We defined ‘nurture’ and the vital importance of nurturing ourselves first. These were the objectives of these lessons:

  • Exploring how we can nurture ourselves and others
  • Learning how to make room for and choosing happiness in our lives
  • Noticing the details of experience of happiness
  • Sharing happiness

The children were asked to try to notice when they are feeling happy and to pause and take a breath. The common thread was to link it to our hot cross bun – thoughts, feelings/moods, body sensations and urges and actions.

In Design technology this week, we explored the history behind Japanese fans and with great care, we designed our own fan so that we can make them next week in Task Time.

We were eco warriors in our Forest School session! We look litter pickers around the school grounds and collected 3 bags full of rubbish! Superb effort Year 2!