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This Week in Nursery!

What a lovely week we have had in nursery.

On Tuesday the children had a tricky phase one phonics game to identify the voices saying ‘Hello Nursery’ on the speakers. They were teachers that they know from around the school and they listened so nicely to work out who the voices belonged too. They recognised Mrs Simon’s voice straight away.

The children have continued to love learning about the topic, especially learning words in Japanese. They now know how to say goodbye and hello. We learnt that our friend Mimiko’s favourite food was Sushi so we made this on Wednesday. Ms Goula taught the children how to roll the seaweed and add the sticky rice. We were so impressed with how many tried the sushi, dipped it in soy sauce and loved it.

‘Show and Tell’ was great this week, the children really enjoyed talking about their favourite food and it gave us a great opportunity to talk about healthy and unhealthy food.

Today in Forest school the children enjoyed playing with bubbles and making wands. They loved making cakes and pretend birthday parties for all the teachers in the mud kitchen.